Packing Services


Packing Boxes

The name, description of the item and room destination will be written on each box to facilitate moving and placement. We use 1st grade packing tape for packing.


Packing Appliances

Small appliances should be wrapped in packing paper, in your towel, or inside linens. Securely tape the bottom of a box and put down a layer of padding for added protection.


Art and Collectibles

Give the items plenty of space, and make sure you add lots of padding materials on the sides (or towels, linens, etc.) between items and on top. Remember to label “fragile” boxes.


Packing up Books

Please use only small boxes for books, or at least divide them among your boxes — they get very heavy, very quickly. Use small paperbacks to fill the sides of boxes if there is extra space.



Packing Clothing

Clothing should be packed in suitcases or boxes. Hanging clothes may be moved directly from your closet to wardrobe boxes which will be most convenient and time saving.


Electronic Equipment

If possible electronic equipment such as stereos, TVs and computers should be packed in their original boxes with their original packing material.


Packing Furniture

If you take your furniture apart in any way, make sure you put all nuts, bolts and screws in a small zip-lock bag and tape the bag to the furniture.


Packing Kitchenware

If you are packing on your own you may wrap breakable items in wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Put layers of bubble wrap between each plate and bowl.


Please decide which items you’ll need for your first few days in you new home so that they may be packed in separate boxes and labeled accordingly. This will give you time to organize you new home at your own pace!

And most important – ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME!



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